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Our full legal name is Laboratory of Florida LLC. We are a Florida company set up for the purposes of serving Tampa Bay communities - both English and Spanish speaking. We are a full service medical laboratory, providing a complete line of diagnostic testing from basic chemistry and toxicology to high end Hormone and Microbiological testing - all processed quickly and efficiently here in Tampa.

There is no wait in any of our collection offices, and we offer the lowest pricing for uninsured and self-paying patients. We are an extention of your medical practice or healthcare facility. We send our phlebotomists and couriers to draw or pick up specimens per your schedule or special request and ensure that your orders are met promptly and precisely.

LabFlorida is a reference lab, i.e. a commercial laboratory that provides clinical laboratory testing for other laboratories and clients. We have the most advanced testing equipment and the fastest turn around in the area. Low volume, highly complex and esoteric tests can be sent out to partner labs if it's cost inefficient for us to perform in-house. You as a client will not even notice the difference as LabFlorida is your only point of contact and we are ultimately responsible for the reporting of the test results and for the customer service.

Accreditation with COLA

Lab of Florida is fully accredited and monitored by COLA - the U.S. government appointed independent, non-profit organization that provides our lab with a program of education, consultation, and accreditation. COLA makes sure that LabFlorida and its staff meet U.S. CLIA and other federal and state regulatory requirements.

COLA’s roots run to the heart of the medical community. COLA was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1988, and is sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Physicians, and the American Medical Association. COLA’s laboratory accreditation program is endorsed by 29 national and state medical associations, including the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American Academy of Neurology, the American College of Rheumatologists, and the Endocrine Society.

Lab of Florida is enrolled in the accreditation program and has an ongoing affiliate relationship with COLA to ensure the compliance with the highest standards of the laboratory services and to keep our personnel updated on latest technologies and trends in the field.

The VALUE of COLA Accreditation

1. More Accurate Laboratory Results and Improved Patient Safety. Through adherence to COLA standards, laboratory testing errors are reduced, weaknesses in workflow, processes, and procedures are addressed, and overall operations are aligned with accepted practices.

2. Compliance with Regulatory Standards. Through COLA accreditation, our laboratory is recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as meeting the regulatory requirements of CLIA.

3. More Efficient and Productive Operations. The accreditation process facilitates a thorough examination of the laboratory’s entire operation. Corrective action we can take based on the assessment and COLA recommendations reduces the potential for error, minimizes repeat work, and relieves the organization of unnecessary tasks.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction. The higher quality and greater consistency that emerge from a more efficient workflow lead to increased trust and confidence with the public and with the healthcare community.

Our Values

Fiendly, dedicated, fast and available 24/7. We pride ourselves in what we call a "human factor" - human voice will greet you when you call, and you will be able to speak to any member of our team. Our highly trained and experienced personnel will accommodate your needs in having your patients blood drawn, specimens picked up, and test results reported to you in a timely manner, usually within 4-6 hrs.

We believe in Better Health in all Communities. At our lab and collection facilities, our patients are in and out within minutes, helped by friendly bi-lingual (English/Spanish) staff, and test results are reported promptly, confidentially and securely.

Our Commitment

Better service for better healthcare! Lab of Florida and each member of the team are committed to the highest standards of compliance with all current federal and state of Florida laws and regulations, continued education in the field of clinical laboratory science, attention to the details of the needs of our customers and patients.

We are accredited, affiliated and regularly work with the following agencies and organizations:

Lab Services

Test results

Promptly delivered via fax, secure e-mail, our web portal or directly into EMR.

Need urgent sevice?

On call 24/7 and the lab is equipped for the fastest turnaround and STATs.

Walk-in patients

Friendly, bi-lingual phlebotomists in many locations in Tampa Bay.

Service for the elderly

ALFs, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare agencies.


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Laboratory of Florida

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American Academy of Family Physicians
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

The Endocrine Society
The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA)
American Health Care Associations
Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association

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