Services for patients

Lab services (blood work and urinalysis) for skilled nursing, rehab, assisted living and other long term care facilities for seniors and home bound individuals with disabilities in Florida.

LabFlorida complies with the CLIA Program and HIPAA Privacy Rule regarding Patients' Access to Test Reports. In accordance with the Federal rule, LabFlorida provides lab/diagnostic test results to all patients.

Uninsured and self-pay patients are welcome too! Do you have a prescription from a doctor? You don't have to go to a national lab! Come to LabFlorida, and we will save you 40-60%!

Health Care Reform is here! Choose to save now!
No wait, no scheduling!
Personal face-to-face service.
Same day results for all routine tests.
Comprehensive menu of blood and urine testing.

Doctor ordered testing
Doctor prescribed lab testsIf you have a physician's prescription for blood/urine testing and don't want to wait for hours at other lab collection stations - come to LabFlorida! You'll be done within 15 minutes and the results will be sent to your doctor the same day.
Resident of ALF or nursing home?
Assisted home livingAsk your nurse about LabFlorida friendly and highly experienced phlebotomists. We can come to you on your schedule! We serve senior living facilities in all counties of the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
Uninsured? Home bound?
labs for uninsuredLabFlorida is the lowest cost, best customer service lab testing provider in Tampa Bay. We do any blood work, urinalysis and drug screening for self pay patients, and we do house calls.
Mobile phlebotomy
Our phlebotomy groupScared of needles or blood? Leave it to our gentle professionals! We have the best phlebotomists in town. They are top pros in the business, and they are bi-lingual too (English/Spanish)!

No appointment necessary - In and out in 15 No waiting - Work-friendly hours

Patients take control of their care

With all the changes in the healthcare system in the U.S. and Florida, consumers are becoming more informed about healthy living and how to manage their own health. Healthcare exchanges offer Americans more insurance options and many patients choose high-deductible and cost-sharing plans to save on their health insurance coverage. Consumers demand more information on upfront costs and look into self-monitoring technologies.

LabFlorida offers the lowest cost of diagnostic testing for self-pay patients in Tampa Bay, Florida: 40-60% of the prices charged by all national and hospital-based laboratories in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question How can I get the lab service at home?

Answer Your doctor will need to order the labs by faxing the prescription for all lab tests you need. We will call you the same day and schedule our visit to your home. LabFlorida phlebotomist will come to you on your schedule and in accordance with the doctor's order.

Question I am uninsured and I want to pay for the lab testing myself. Can I do that?

Answer Of course! Many people these days do not have healcare insurance and pay cash for their medical care. LabFlorida offers 40-60% discounts for self paying patients.

Question I don't have a doctor's prescription but I need to do some blood work/urine analysis. How can I get my lab tests?

Answer Same as for other self paying patients we will do the testing for you. We do not provide medical advice, and if the results are abnormal we will tell you to contact your physician.

Question What do I need to do for the testing?

Answer Most importantly, observe the fasting schedule for your specific blood test(s). We will need your physician's order (prescription), and if you have insurance - all your verification information.

Lab Services

Test results

Promptly delivered via fax, secure e-mail, our web portal or directly into EMR.

Need STAT sevice?

On call 24/7 and the lab is equipped for the fastest turnaround and STATs.

Walk-in patients

Friendly, bi-lingual phlebotomists in many locations in Tampa Bay.

Service for the elderly

ALFs, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare agencies.


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