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Interested in joining us? We are always looking for good professionals looking for opportunities to do cool stuff that matters.

LabFlorida offers an environment in which personal initiative and dedication are encouraged and rewarded. We are always seeking talented people who enjoy the challenges and opportunities of a high-growth company in the field of ever changing healthcare in America.

We are a rapidly growing independent clinical laboratory primarily for Medicare patients and patients without health insurance.

We work with:
  • Assisted living, skilled nursing, rehab and senior living facilities;
  • Primary care physicians and specialty doctors;
  • Drug abuse and rehab facilities;
  • Employers (pre-emloyment and regular drug screening),
We are open to the public - uninsured self-pay patients, who will save 40-60% at LabFlorida compared to all national labs for the same tests and with better face-to-face customer service.

We are looking for sales reps (inside, outside, part-time, full time) who have a 3+ years experience in the field of selling healthcare products and sales in Florida. Candidates should be able to start closing new accounts within the first two weeks of hire.

If you do not have the required experience or open access to physicians offices and organizations listed above, we will not be able to consider your application.

Feel free to send your confidential resume to jobs@labflorida.com, and we will let you know if there is a suitable match with a current position.
Sales Representatives (inside, outside, full time, part time)
LabFlorida sales jobs We are trying to transform the way clinical labs interact with their customers.
You will apply your extensive knowledge of sales and marketing of products and service for healthcare providers and leverage your relationships and network in the industry to help our business and revenue grow. You need to know how to open doors of medical offices and reach the right people to offer our services, gain the customers' trust and build long term relationships.

Medical Help Desk/Customer Service (full time)
Helping clients on the phone is a vital part of the workflow in our lab. Basic knowledge of medical terminology and lab testing is important, but communication skills, attention to detail and desire to learn and do well on the job are critical.

Clinical Lab Technicians (part time - full time)
Lab Technician jobs You need to have a very good track record, references and appropriate training by major analyzer manufacturers to be able to add your knowledge to the assets of LabFlorida. In addition, we are looking for people who want to learn and grow to supervisor positions.

Clinical Lab Technologist (part time - full time)
We are looking for experience, vision, and clean track record. We need proactive individuals who will take initiative in developing new systems, adding tests and test panels and consulting owners on the next big thing to start.

Phlebotomist (part time - full time)
Experience with elderly patients and hard sticks. Ability to work early morning hours. Good communication and social skills.

Inside Billing Expert
Billing expert jobWe are not looking for someone fresh from school. We need a seasoned professional who knows all ins and outs of dealing with Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurance carriers.

Proven track record is a must. Good knowledge of LIS/LISM and billing software is required.

Lab Services

Test results

Promptly delivered via fax, secure e-mail, our web portal or directly into EMR.

Need urgent sevice?

On call 24/7 and the lab is equipped for the fastest turnaround and STATs.

Walk-in patients

Friendly, bi-lingual phlebotomists in many locations in Tampa Bay.

Service for the elderly

ALFs, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare agencies.


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